Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Special Edition Print: Mill Street Bridge

My newest Special Edition Print offering was made on Memorial Day in downtown New Castle, PA. I spent the morning with a friend photographing along Slippery Rock Creek and ended up near the town square on the way home. While waiting for Scott to make an exposure I began wandering around the back alleys and found my way to a parking area next to the river. I'd never really noticed the odd relationship between the Old Mill Street Bridge and the buildings on the far shore before. The river runs underneath the bridge at an angle allowing the old department store to sit just behind the iron framework and creating a rather unusual perspective. I made two negatives, one from farther back incorporating a windblown tree into the composition but I ultimately preferred this closer interpretation... Especially the position of the 'black' and 'BINGO' windows and they way the T in brother is replaced by a giant 'T' created by the ironwork. Prints will be available for a short time at the reduced price of $50. If you've ever wanted to see or own an 8x10 contact print, this is one of my finer examples from a technical standpoint and one of my favorite compositions of the moment. You can find out more information by visiting my website.

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