Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Night in Day

A friend and I traveled to Connecticut last weekend to visit a group of fellow photographers and, of course, make some images. On Saturday during a lighting workshop in an abandoned opera house (artificial lighting and portraits in general aren't my thing...) I spent time wandering around some long empty offices downstairs. There was an incredible sense of time and a haunting light about the place which would have kept me busy for hours had I not walked into one room in particular. The office in question was empty save for a solitary broom and a smattering of paint chips which had peeled off the wall and were strewn about the floor. The floor itself was some sort of hardwood that had been scratched and stained by god knows what over the years. Somehow this combination of elements came together in a way that transcended the objects themselves and, upon closer inspection, resembled images of deep space which have captivated me since I was a boy. Exploring on the ground glass I discovered everything from giant nebulae to the chaotic mess of our own Milky Way.

Now that the negatives are developed and printed I can clearly see a progression from the more celestial photographs in my Pond Scum series and can't help but feel I've made not only a connection with that work but taken a step forward. Five years ago I never would have have traveled 12 hours only to photograph a dirty floor and now I couldn't be more thankful that I did just that. I'm also quite thankful that whoever leaned the broom against the wall never finished the job.

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Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful story. Art is where you find it, huh?