Tuesday, January 1, 2008

50 years ago today...

Photography lost one of it's brightest lights, Edward Weston. His photographs and Daybooks have been an inspiration to myself and countless others.

"It is classic, completely satisfying -- a pepper -- but more than a pepper: abstract, in that it is completely outside subject matter. it has no psychological attributes, no human emotions are aroused, this new pepper takes one beyond the world we know in the conscious mind. To be sure much of my work has this quality, many of my last year's peppers, but this one, and in fact all the new ones, take one into an inner reality -- the absolute --with clear understanding, a mystic revealment. This is the "significant presentation" that I mean, the presentation through one's intuitive self, seeing 'through one's eyes, not with them;' the visionary." EW 1930

"I never try to limit myself by theories. I do not question right or wrong approach when I am interested or amazed -- compelled to work. I do not fear logic, I dare to be irrational, or really never consider whether I am or not. This keeps me fluid, open to fresh impulse, free from formulae -- the public who know my work is often surprised, the critics, who all, or most of them, have their pet formula are disturbed, and my friends distressed." EW 1932

"I am the adventurer on a voyage of discovery, ready to receive fresh impressions, eager for fresh horizons, not in the spirit of a militant conquerer to impose myself or my ideas, but to identify myself in, and unify with, whatever I am able to recognize as significantly part of me: the 'me' of universal rhythms." EW 1932

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